A furious Alan Lawes has slammed the decision to turn down his emergency motion for a suspension of standing orders at the ongoing meeting of Meath County Council to discuss his complaint about inappropriate sexual behaviour at a residence used by the council for emergency accommodation as ‘Another attempt to silence the homeless people in Meath.’

Speaking to Meath Live as he left the meeting, en route to Trim to try and track down a family with two children who are currently living in their car, Lawes said, ‘When homeless people contact the council they are routinely not listened to and this disgusting decision here today is yet another attempt to silence them.

‘I am heartened by Sinn Fein’s decision to back my call for a roll call vote but other than that I received little support, it seems that they are desperate to silence homeless people completely.’

After much debate chairman Sean Drew concluded matters by saying, ‘On the basis that all members are not aware why standing orders should be suspended I am moving the meeting on.’

The debate centred around two crucial points, whether all councillors had received a copy of Lawes email to the council, which was sent this morning and can be seen on Meath Live, and whether it was appropriate to debate the matter at all as a Garda investigation is under way into the allegations contained in Lawes initial complaint.

Meath Live can confirm that there is currently no live Garda investigation into any of the allegations as no official complaint has been made, something Lawes was very clear about when he told us, ‘Not all the allegations in the complaint are of a criminal nature, some of them are about inappropriate behaviour.’

A Garda spokesman confirmed, ‘I refer to your query and at this time there is no ongoing investigation into a matter of sexual assault’.

The reason for this is because as of yet a proper formal complaint has not been made, but one is due to be made in the near future.

Drew appeared to believe there actually was a Garda investigation ongoing as he told the meeting, ‘It is the subject of a live Garda investigation we don’t want to prejudice that.’

Aontú’s Emer Toibín was also of the impression the matter was being looked into, as she said, ‘ We should leave it until we are clear where the Garda investigation is at’.

FF councillor, David Gilroy accused Lawes of ‘Having an inflammatory attitude’, and warned, ‘It would be highly inappropriate to politicise this issue, it is highly sensitive and the public and media are watching.’