Independent councillor Alan Lawes has requested that standing orders be suspended at this afternoon’s monthly meeting of the council in order to allow discussion about the investigation into the complaint he has made about inappropriate sexual behaviour at premises used by the council for emergency accommodation purposes.

In an email sent, this morning, to council bosses, Navan based Lawes drops yet another bombshell when he releases some details of a serious incident that took place at the B&B between May 29th and 30th.

Meath Live is aware of the nature of this incident, there were in fact two separate events at two different locations one at the B&B itself and the other, by far more serious, at a sister location close by.

The second incident is not yet being investigated by Gardai, as although they are aware of it, a formal complaint will not be made until later this week.

Below is Lawes email in full.

‘I am asking that standing orders be suspended at todays meeting in order to discuss the complaints in relation to emergency accommodation where a complaint was made of sexual harassment on the 20th May which included repeated unwanted sexual advances to a homeless girl by a member of staff.  The same homeless girl has given me permission to include her complaint with mine.

I told a housing officer of my concerns in regards of one staff member making repeated sexual advances to different homeless girls on the 31st May. A senior housing officer confirmed to me that a staff member had been sleeping with different girls that same day and that the owner was aware of this.

I found out from a homeless girl sleeping rough in a tent in Navan on the night of the 2nd June about another serious incident that took place in the same emergency accommodation between the 29th and the 30th May. The same girl reported the incident and was asked to leave the emergency accommodation by local on the 30th by local management. I have a recording of a comment made by the same staff member confirming an attack at that time, which I have made Jackie Barry and the Gardai aware of.

This same homeless girl contacted Meath County Council on Monday the 31st May unknown to me and reported what happened and was left homeless and sleeping in a tent by the council until I found her on Wednesday 2nd June during outreach.

I reported the complaint detailing this serious incident in full to Meath County Council
and Navan Gardai.

I was shocked and angered to learn that this same member of staff was still working in this emergency accommodation up to a few days ago, and as far as I know homeless women are still accommodated there. That is why I called for the resignation of Jackie Maguire as CEO and Barry Lynch as head of housing yesterday.

They are aware of the same facts as me and I feel have to be held accountable as they have a duty of care to vulnerable homeless people and it’s obvious that they have failed in that duty.

Meath County Council have replied to me saying they are to carry out an investigation and what I want to discuss and open up to the floor today is the scope of that investigation and to decide if it should be carried out by an independent body and its terms of reference.

A starting point has to be that Meath County Council write to all clients of this particular emergency accommodation asking them of their experiences of staying there during the employment of this individual’.