Okay, it’s not strictly a Meath matter but we thought this one was too good to keep to ourselves.

Owners who allow their dogs to foul parks and pavements may no longer be getting a bum rap if one councillors suggestion is taken on board.
Fianna Fáil’s Bernard Caldwell, a councillor based in Leixlip, County Kildare put forward an idea to a local area meeting that dog owners should be forced to put nappies in their pet pooches.
And he told Meath Live that before dismissing the idea as barking mad people should realise he is talking sense – horse sense.
Caldwell claimed, ‘Look how well the idea has worked for the jarveys below in Killarney, at first when the idea of horses wearing a nappy was suggested everyone assumed it was some kind of Kerry joke and it was laughed at but it has really worked’.
The idea came to him after his initial proposal for a Jeremy Beadle style hidden camera operation was turned down by Kildare county council officials.
He revealed, ‘ We have a big park in Leixlip called St Catherine’s Park and I am getting complaints about dogs fouling it on a daily basis, so I put the idea up we could put hidden cameras around the place to catch the owners but I was told there are no budget or staff resources for it.
‘I know it sounds a bit off the wall but so did putting them on horses and people just got used to it, it  is accepted practice now.
If the novel idea gets the go ahead then Irish owners won’t have to look too far for supplies.
A spokeswoman for Kilkenny based online retailer petmania.ie, said, ‘We have them for sale on our website, they come in all sizes and shapes and are one of our biggest sellers.’