Have a look at the photo that accompanies this story.

Under a photo of Raheem Sterling, and let’s be honest here, diving to win a penalty for England against Denmark, Athboy resident, and Basketball Ireland CEO Bernard O’Byrne, he lost the J when he left the FAI, posted the comment ‘Black dives matter’.

Now as a matter of interest Meath Live received and shared a similar memé on WhatsApp the previous day.

Since O’Byne came under fire for his tweet we have spoken to numerous persons of colour, it seems that is the PC term these days, and while few of them found it funny, NONE, of them found it racist.

Depending on your sense of humour you can see this as funny or not but you would be stretching credibility to see it as racist,

Therefore a man runs the risk of losing his job, a job those in basketball circles, concede he is doing well, for having a sense of humour that others don’t share, that doesn’t seem right under any circumstances.

In both sports in which he has featured prominently, he was FAI top man between 1996 and 2001, O’Byrne would have had many dealings with people of colour so it seems logical to think if he was in any way shape or form, bigoted, it would have emerged long before now.

So it seems this is PC gone mad yet again, or perhaps even more sinister, somebody within the basketball fraternity wants O’Byrne’s job and sees this as a way of forcing him out.

Meath Live feels it is a gross overreaction to what, if you really want to be critical, was a stupid post but certainly not a sackable offence.

O’Byrne suggested Sterling dived, Meath Live suggests he is right and that anyway nobody but be surprised at Sterling taking a dive post Brexit!

See what we did there, told a joke, feel free to laugh or not but don’t ask us to resign for it.

Bernard O’Byrne should not be forced out of a job because the PC brigade wants everyone to toe the line.

Yes, there is a line but it is one O’Byne did not cross in any way.