This is the horrific moment when a group of youths chased a man around Navan town centre last Sunday night before one of them repeatedly strikes him with a stick.

The attack took place in the middle of the town, and the youths can be heard screaming that the victim had hit one of them with a bottle.

The footage shows as many as seven young men running after an older man as a shocked onlooker manages to capture some of the action on his phone.

The victim wearing a white shirt runs down an area known as Metges Lane, then he turns on to Trimgate Street before being cornered at Market Square.

He is trapped as blows rain down on him and a youth in a red top shouts, ‘Come on one on one, I’m only seventeen and I’ll have you ‘ as an astonished bystander calls out, ‘Holy s**t’.

When they catch up with him the man calls out for help saying ‘Jago will you give me a hand’ as a youth in a grey hoodie repeatedly smashes him across the back with a stick before screaming, ‘I’ll murder ye’ at him.’

The man is then confronted by the thug in a red top again who roars at him, ‘Hit me with a bottle, hit me with a bottle’ as the ninety second clip comes to a halt.

Mayor of Navan, Padraig Fitzimons, said, ‘It’s a shocking video, thankfully it is not the kind of behaviour I have seen or witnessed too often.

‘If that is how they choose to behave it’s a poor reflection on themselves more than anything else.’

A Garda spokesperson said, ‘Gardaí received reports of a disturbance in the Market Square area of Navan in early hours of Sunday 11th July. On arrival of Gardaí, the group had dispersed. There was no reports of damage to property and no complaints of injury arising from the incident’.