How the mighty have fallen.

Back in the day a Dublin v Meath Leinster championship clash would have been the ideal argument for big GAA games going pay per view.

Now that many of them are behind a Sky paywall nobody is bothering to show this Sunday’s game at all.

That could be something Andy McEntee could use as a motivating factor before throw in, ‘Lads nobody gives you a chance RTE or Sky think it will be that one sided they are not even showing it’ is as likely to inspire as anything else he might come up with, and God knows inspiration is needed.

Elsewhere on former Dublin star, Wayne McCarthy, has suggested if Meath try to contain Dublin as they did last year they will end up being hammered again, a suggestion it is hard to argue with.

Okay the likelihood is if they go gung ho they will lose anyway but long suffering supporters, and more than likely many of the players, would believe it is far better to die with your boots on than be slaughtered when retreating.

It would be quite feasible to publish our preview from last year and it would stand scrutiny as back then the not unreasonable expectation was if Meath gave it a go they would go close to winning without actually managing it.

That was based in the main on the fact that in their previous two games they had amassed twelve goals and this year they have gone goal mad again putting four past Longford in the opener.

There are definite indicators that the Dubs are not the all conquering force of previous years the real question is can Meath be the ones to add further conviction to that argument.

In today’s Irish Independent Ciaran Whelan argues that the psychological scars inflicted on Meath by the Dubs in the last two Leinster finals are too deep for Meath to win and that’s a fair point.

The counter argument is that many of the Dubs who inflicted those reversals will be marked absent this time around, perhaps most significantly Stephen Cluxton.

The Parnells man didn’t, despite claims to the contrary, reinvent goalkeeping, he modernised the restart and was expert at it, something his still time serving apprentice Evan Comerford may have to master.

The new netminder will be well served by the fact that there will be a less than full house in Croke Park how he and other rookies would cope with the pressure of Hill 16 full of expectations will have to wait for another day.

But Meath can test Comerford’s ability, that is for certain as even allowing for how easily the Dubs pulled clear last year the early clear goal opportunity fluffed by Cillian O’Sullivan last year didn’t help Meath’s cause.

The Dubs will probably shade this one no matter how it pans out but if ever a Meath’s teams fate was to be decided by pre game instructions this is it.

Go for it put the opposition on the back foot, Wexford did it so it can be done, give it your all and see where it takes you, has to be the advice from the Meath management.

Anything else and it will be Deja Vu all over again.