A husband and wife team from Virginia have created a novel way of spending a few hours of family fun in various locations around Ireland.

Karen and Pat Gillick have devised a series of Mystery Trails, Treasure Hunt, and Mission Impossible games that are played outdoors around Kells, Trim, and Oldcastle that are both fun and easy to do.

They have even come up with a device that allows you to save Dunshaughlin from being blown up!

Karen explained, ‘The idea came about during lockdown when we both had time on our hands and were able to figure the ideas out. They are a great laugh and quite easy to do.’

Here’s Karen’s beginners guide;

Murder Mystery- ‘This one is targeted at Kells, it somehow seemed apt, it starts at the statue of the Book Of Kells at SuperValu and you are provided with a book of clues that also contains a list of possible suspects who may have committed a murder and some possible murder weapons.

‘As you solve each clue you move to another landmark and eventually, you end up tracking down the culprit and the weapon they used’.

Treasure Hunt – ‘We run this one in Trim and it is a basic treasure hunt where you get your reward at the finish.’

Mission Impossible – ‘This is on in Navan, Dunshaughlin, and Oldcastle and is probably a little bit tougher than the other two, in this one there is a grid at the back of the book of clues, similar to a crossword and when you have solved everything you get a code which you must activate to stop the town being blown up,’

You can download the clues from the website mysterytrails.ie or there are booklets with the clues available in them and list of shops that sell them is also on the site,

In honour of the whole idea, Meath Live binge watched old Scooby Doo cartoons and then turned back the years for a listen to this.