The generous granny who paid for a child’s shopping when his card didn’t work in Dunboyne’s SuperValu on Friday, wants to remain anonymous but has told www, the details of what happened.

She revealed,’  I was standing behind him when I noticed the shop assistant asked him if he wanted to check the credit on his card at the atm. He came back from the atm and said he wasn’t sure what the problem was with his card.

‘The assistant asked him if he’d like to leave the messages and come back later to pay for them. He looked a little unsure of what to do so I leaned forward and said I’d pay for them.

‘I was just glad to be able to help.’

‘He was very polite and thanked me twice. I have two young grandsons and just thought I’d hope someone would do the same for them in that situation.’

The child was a ten-year-old called Tadgh, and his mum Lauren told us, ‘What happened was I transferred money onto Tadgh’s Revolut card but there was an internet problem and the money did not reach it until later that evening.

‘He was down at the shops to buy some bread and groceries for me and even though he was on his bike he would have had a twenty-minute round trip on that in sweltering heat to get cash so the lady’s help was brilliant.

‘I posted a message on Dunboyne notice board she spotted it and I have met her and sorted things out and said thanks to her, it was the least she deserved.’