Meath GAA’s Tailteann Cup competition was a great idea.

As the club championships don’t start until next month and Covid hit the fixtures schedule hard the Tailteann Cup served the purpose of giving teams a regular game in the lead up to the championship.

The competition was for junior clubs only, senior and intermediate sides had the Feis and Corn Na Boinne Cups to play for.

In the Tailteann there were two groups of eight so the assumption was the top two in both groups played semi finals to see who reached the decider.

That is what SHOULD have happened.

Except it didn’t.

St Vincents topped group A with Castletown as runners up while in B Boardsmill were first and Slane second.

But somehow the rules state only three teams went forward so the Ardcath side are straight into the final, Castletown play Boardsmill in the one semi final and Slane miss out.

A source told a puzzled Meath Live, ‘The thinking was that all the teams in group A would easily beat those in group B so why play it, it’s disrespectful in the extreme, can you imagine if say Wicklow qualified to play Dublin in a Leinster semi final them being told, ‘You are not being allowed play because you haven’t a hope of winning’, it is ridiculous.

‘It is even worse because even though Vincents have beaten Slane a few times in recent seasons they have never hammered them and the games have been close and competitive, it seems as if the teams in Group B have been told they don’t matter.

‘In the build up to championship teams want as many meaningful games as they can get and yet two clubs have been stopped from playing one, it makes no sense.’