Independent councillor Alan Lawes has again called for the resignation of Meath County Council CEO, Jackie Maguire, after releasing a video, (Link below), revealing he contacted the council on Friday in relation to a family with two children, one of whom has special needs, that were forced out of a Navan property when the landlord turned off their water supply in the middle of a heatwave, and the council failing to supply them with emergency accommodation.

The family had only been in the premises a short time and had not caused any issues.

The family had been sleeping in a tent in Trim where a local business kindly supplied them with food and bathroom facilities.

Lawes said in the video released on Friday, ‘This is why in the past I have called for the resignation of the CEO and she is at home this weekend talking to her children, watching the Olympics and enjoying the comforts of home when she knows the council she oversees have left two children to sleep out in the elements.’

Lawes also revealed in a follow up video posted the next day that he had emailed all the 39 other councillors and six Meath TD’s about the situation and only four, Td’s Johnny Guirke (SF), and Peadar Toibín (Aontú), and councillors, Eddie Fennessy, (SF), Maria Murphy (FG), had responded.

He also said that thanks to Dublin based group Inner City Helping Homeless, he had sourced accommodation for the family for two nights.

He told Meath Live, ‘I guess the council are tired of hearing me banging this drum, well in a situation like that the best solution is to take the drum away and they can only do that by not leaving children on the side of the road.

‘I’d like to see their policy, or indeed government legislation that allows for this to happen, kt is a red line issue for me and I am not giving up on it.’