On foot of figures received from the Minister for Housing, Aontú Leader & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has criticised the meagre levels of social housing being built or acquired in Meath – showcasing once again the government’s failures to meet social housing demand

He told Meath Live, “It will come as no surprise to the people of Meath that this
government’s record on social housing is nothing short of abysmal, and there are no signs of improvement. This government was alone in Europe in shutting the construction of homes in 2021,

This means for nigh on 4 months, no private homes were built in the middle of a housing crisis.

Just over 6,000 homes were not built as a result throughout the state as a result of this prohibition. The figures I have received from the Minister only further expose the cost

Only 33 social houses have been built or acquired in Meath in the first quarter of 2021. That is approximately 10% of the total social houses built or acquired in Meath for the entirety of 2020.
Only 29 were built, and 4 were acquired. How is the government going to make up for the inevitable shortfall in social housing not built in 2021? I have already raised the fact that the waiting list for social housing in Meath stretches back over 10 years. The social housing crisis in Meath is only set to go from bad to worse with theselatest setbacks in social housing construction.”

“By every metric, this government is failing on housing. The State has close 200,000 vacant dwellings across the country, yet have more than 8,000 people homeless on our streets. Less Social Houses were built in 2020 than there are Homeless people in Ireland.

“The over 70,000 HAP & RAS Tenancies underscores Government’s Social Housing’s dependency on Private Landlords. All the while 79 people died in homelessness last year in Dublin alone. At least 38 people have already died in homelessness so far this year in Dublin”