Aontú Leader and Meath West TD, Peadar Tóibín, has been told there is no public funding available
to provide a regular bus service from Kentstown to Navan.

This follows correspondence between Deputy Tóibín and the National Transport Authority on behalf of residents from the Kentstown
community who contacted him highlighting the ongoing need for a frequent bus service between the village and main county town.

Tóibín told Meath Live “Residents from the Kentstown community have contacted me and made a strong case for a public form of transportation to Navan for basic needs such as work, shopping and various appointments. They estimate about 70 people from Kentstown are in need of public transport to
Navan for work purposes.


This doesn’t include the numbers of elderly and younger people who struggle to get to Navan to meet with friends, socialise or attend part-time jobs where there is a lack of a regular service.

“I have been in contact with the National Transport Authority to raise this issue and been informed that while there is an aim to provide a more frequent, all day service between Kentstown and Navan there is no funding allocation for 2021 for the introduction of new or improved services. The NTA
tells me they have no indication as to whether this will change and therefore have no plans to implement services in the area in the short term”.

Tóibín continued “Here we have yet another example of the Government talking about public transport but not providing it.

“We in Aontú will keep the pressure on to make sure this imbalance is addressed so that villages like Kentstown have proper infrastructure and basic services for the people of their community”.