A Meath man, who identified himself as Peter, has recalled the horror of being attacked in broad daylight while minding his own business in St Stephen’s Green.

Peter was assaulted in the popular city centre park during lockdown last year.

“It was in the middle of the lockdown so there were very few people in Stephen’s Green,” told Liveline’s Joe Duffy on RTE.

Peter had picked up flatbread in a nearby restaurant and was on his way back to work when the frightening ordeal took place.

He was walking near the pond when two teenagers started to become aggressive and stared at him.

“They were making comments like ‘what are you looking at?” he said.

Peter tried to de-escalate the situation and walked on towards his destination as the youths started running up and down the stretch.

He said: “All of a sudden as I had my back turned to them…I was just trying to get beyond the pond at least.

“If they wanted to attack me or something they could throw me into the pond and I’d hate for that to happen.”

Something was thrown at Peter’s head just as he had reached the bridge.

“One of them came…I don’t know if they had a stone in their hand or something but it was really sore just inside of my head…gave a big belt to me.

“Instantly I was trying to draw attention to this because I was just assaulted.

” I started screaming and shouting and a passer by chased them away.

“I had my hand on my head as I was nearly feeling as if I was going to go unconscious but I managed to keep my feet on the ground and stay stable,” he said.