Trim Courthouse is sporting a colourful image at nighttime which is piquing curiosity from passers-by. The image depicts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) colour wheel, with each colour representing one of the 17 goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, are a collection of interconnected goals around people, planet, peace, partnership and prosperity which are designed to be a blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for everyone. The goals, which every country has signed up to, were established in 2015 by the United Nations and aim to have them achieved by 2030. The goals have a strong ethos of inclusivity and a philosophy of leaving no nation behind and helping those furthest behind to the front. Ireland must also play a part in achieving the goals and recently the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications launched a public consultation for the second National Implementation Plan, people and organisations are invited to make a submission (visit

Trim is leading the way in the SDGs having been awarded a place on the URBACT Global Goals for Cities project which seeks to localise the SDGs. The pilot project involving 18 other towns and cities across the EU will use local knowledge to identify the strengths and gaps in the SDGs at a local level. The local group is made up of people who are active in community work and volunteerism within the Trim and environs community, as the SDGs are a relatively new topic for the group a training workshop has been organised to delve deeper into the SDGs and explore further actions we can take. The learnings and ideas from this pilot project can be extended outwards across the county to communities of all sizes.

Meath County Council Climate Action & SDG co-ordinator, Caroline Corrigan stated, “this is a great opportunity for Trim and indeed county Meath, not only do we have access to excellent resources, but we are able to engage in extensive peer to peer learning within the EU group, share ideas and experiences.”

Chief Executive Jackie Maguire added, “Last year Meath County Council committed to playing their part in promoting and achieving the SDGs, and in this time, we have seen greater awareness of the goals across many sectors. The Trim project provides an excellent opportunity for the local authority to deliver on these goals, inclusively at a local level and in the heart of communities.”