A landscape gardener in Bettystown has just been in touch with Meath Live to warn locals there is a sneak thief operating in the area.

He told us, ‘I was working cutting a guys hedges when my colleague spoted a guy kind of lurking beside my van, so we went to challenge him.

‘When we went down he moved into a garden and when I checked the van I noticed my phone was missing and we went back and spoke to him he started calling out the name Alex and said he was looking for his son Alex who had been with  him.

‘Next thing was he moved around the van again and said ‘Oh look your phone is on the ground’, it as clear he had dropped it when we cornered him.’

The incident happened between Tesco and the beach and the gardener has given us a good description of the individual involved.

‘He was between 45 and 50 and about 5’3 in height, he was a small guy, and was wearing a light blue shirt with dark blue trousers, so I’d advise people to watch out if they ee him around the place.’