An angry Ashbourne Mum has told Meath Live she feels she is being shafted for money as she has had to fork out hundreds of euros on Antigen and PCR tests to bring her disabled son to crucial medical treatment in Lanzarote.

Janine Fitzgerald’s anger centres around the fact she has been fully vaccinated since the 8th of July but has yet to received her vaccination cert from the HSE.

And to add to her frustration she spent hours at a time trying to get through to the HSE helpline before leaving Ireland.

She slammed, ‘ My son Kyle, who is eight, had spinal surgery in 2019 in America and there are no services to rehabilitate him at home.

‘He gets one hour maybe every 4/5 weeks with his HSE physio! Services are a disgrace and our kids were left to regress during covid. We are at a swim based therapy centre here for two weeks of intensive therapy, the amount of Irish kids travelling here for much needed treatment is unreal, and it comes at a huge price.

‘My husband and two other sons are at home, it is just too expensive for us all to come over.

‘On the way out I had to pay €49 for an Antigen test and  going home, I’ll need a PCR which is over €100 even though I’m fully vaccinated and have my HSE card

‘Of course, I tried the helpline before I travelled but it is pretty much useless, five hours was my longest wait before I was cut off, other tries were between 2-3 hours and then it just cuts off. Not to worry I’ll get home, just very annoying when you are fully vaccinated and still being shafted for money.

‘I have done everything right and I am still being exploited as far as I am concerned the whole thing is a money racket.’