The Johnstown Tidy Towns group is doing their bit to assist in the climate change situation as can be seen from their Facebook post.

As our pictures show their efforts have certainly brightened up the area.

The 2019 photo shows the effects of weed killer of Bothár Sion’s grass verge, while the 2021 version without weed killer being used looks far better.

What a difference. We think you’ll agree with us about which looks better!!!
The Bothar Sion fence line at Bailis Downs has been transformed by volunteers into a colourful wildflower strip. It looks so much better now that the use of weed killer has stopped and been replaced with a long-term feature that supports biodiversity.
Meath County Council no longer sprays weed killer in Johnstown’s public areas and any signs of scorched earth are now being caused by individuals, resident groups, and maintenance contractors.
The alternatives are not quick, or easy, but together we can help to stop the use of poisonous weed killer. As Autumn approaches we have another chance to sow native Irish wildflower seeds, plan ahead to manage long grass areas, commit to reducing the frequency of estate lawn cuts, plant more trees, and create more planting areas. Send in pictures of locations where we could help improve Johnstown’s biodiversity instead of letting it be killed off with poison and traditional practices that hinder it