Ashbourne woman Aoife McManus has been speaking about her journey from the centre of Kabul city to the airport and has revealed that the Taliban provided her with an escort for the journey.

She told RTE’s Morning Ireland, “I’m fine, well rested, better rested than I have been. I stayed in the same place for two nights and on Wednesday evening we got the okay to go to the airport.

“The issue at the moment isn’t that there are no flights available – I’d been offered the opportunity to get on several flights by the Department of Foreign Affairs – but the issue for most is how to get to the gates of the airport and for them to be accessible.

“We had an escort, which is what is happening for most NGOs and UN organisations, the equivalent of a police escort… but obviously it’s a Taliban escort.

“We were very lucky, I saw other NGO cars having to go back as they didn’t reach the gates but we managed to reach the gates somehow and the US marines came out to meet us and we were processed that way.”