In the wake of the tragic accident that claimed two lives early yesterday morning Duleek based councillor Stephen McKee has called on all state agencies to prioritise a bypass for Duleek.


Cllr McKee stated: ‘How we manage traffic and road safety in Duleek is the most pressing local issue. I would like to see the completion of the Main Street Traffic Management Plan as soon as possible and a new pedestrian crossing down at Londis. Traffic calming is badly needed also on the Station Road, on the Longford Road, the Navan Road and out at Duleek Soccer Club at Carranstown. This should form part of an overall Public Realm Plan which is badly needed.


‘The proposed Duleek By-Pass however needs to be firmly back on the agenda as it is the only real long-term solution to Duleek’s traffic problems. Former local Councillor, Jimmy Cudden, did much to highlight the need for a Bypass for Duleek and he helped secure a route selection and now it needs action, and when it comes to fruition it should be named in Jimmy’s honour.


‘A route to the south of Duleek was selected over 10 years ago now; it is quite a short route between the Kilmoon Road and the Navan Road and the cost-benefit of it would be immense. The Duleek Bypass remains an objective in the Meath County Development Plan but without Government funding, the project is, unfortunately, going nowhere. I’ve written to all our local TD’s asking them to do all they can to move this on.


‘The Duleek Bypass would greatly improve the quality of life for Duleek residents and create a much better environment for business to flourish. At present, there are just too many HGV’s thundering through the village and Main Street is simply not able to cope. Introducing a HGV ban would likely divert trucks onto small local roads, creating problems on those roads, so I see the Bypass as the only solution.


‘No work is currently being done on this project; it is basically sitting on a shelf. I will continue to highlight this at Council level to keep the pressure on. The focus though has to be on getting a funding commitment from Government’ concluded McKee.