Navan based councillor, Yemi Adenuga, is set to launch a new project called, ‘Boys to Men’ next month.

Based on the old saying, ‘It takes a village to rear a child’, the Fine Gael councillors idea is to recruit adult males to mentor and develop young boys in a bid to keep them on the right path in life when they get older.

She told Meath Live, ‘What we hope to do is to get men to stand up and take responsibility for their own community not just themselves and their family but the wider community.

‘As adults, we always assume we know what youngsters are thinking, but look back to when you were a child or a teen and you will appreciate how inaccurate that assumption is.

‘I was close to my Mum when I was a teenager but when I told her what I was thinking about certain things I could see by the look on her face how shocked she was at my train of thought.


‘So this is a bid to try and get to understand young men and ensure they grow up to be decent responsible adults.’

In what is unique move those involved will have to go through a three pronged vetting process.

Yemi said, ‘There will be the two standard methods, Garda vetting and references, but we have introduced a third process called community vetting where we will meet with anyone in the community that wishes to attend so they can say either yes this guy is known to us and would be perfect for the role or alternatively they can offer an opinion to the contrary.’

Applications for participation in the project can be made online at from early next month