Meath supporters attempting to purchase tickets from online ticketing giant Ticketmaster for next Ssaturdays All Ireland minor final with Tyrone and the Ladies GAA final with Dublin are becoming frustrated with long delays.

In some cases fans who have endured waits of hours on end before being told they are first in the queue are suddenly reassigned to a place much further down the queuing system.

One frustrated lady sent a message out on WhatsApp saying, ‘I was next in the queue and got bounced back into the queue and ended up even further back than I was when I first logged in.’

Paul Murphy was one of many who took to Twitter to voice their anger,  as alongside a picture of a blank computer screen, he tweeted, ‘

Paul Murphy

Replying to

This is farcical stuff. Queuing for 2.5 hours abs when you do get in the screen goes blank and you can’t select any seats. Back queuing again. #properticketing

Maria Curtis meanwhile has flown the white flag and given up, she tweeted,

Maria Curtis

Replying to

For feedback – online queue 2 hours later – get to GAA site and still no tickets  I surrender!

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association felt compelled to tweet that it wasn’t their fault!

Ladies Football

We are aware that many fans attempting to purchase tickets this morning are experiencing issues with the Ticketmaster system. The LGFA has no control over ticket sales – and all tickets must be purchased through Ticketmaster, to ensure compliance with Covid regulations.
The LGFA is working with Ticketmaster to resolve issues being experienced by spectators this morning, and we regret that fans are experiencing problems with the system.