Staff members in the Dunshaughlin SuperValu store have been hailed as ‘SuperStars’, by a young Mum after they leapt into action when her young child accidentally spilled coffee over himself earlier today.

Nina Molloy, from Culmullin, told Meath Live,’ Myself and my Mum were having a coffee outside after doing the shopping, we had three year old Tadgh and Isabella my 11 month old daughter with us.

‘Tadgh was sitting in the outside seat and he leant forward to pull the table in to be closer to us, as he did so the coffee spilled and splashed all over him and he was scalded.

‘Luckily enough he was wearing tracksuit bottoms ot it could have been a lot worse, and we managed to get them off him straight away.

‘My mother ran into the shop for help and as she was explaining to the girl at the customer service desk what happened a staff member, whose name I think is Alan, overheard and told her he was going to get some burn gel.

‘The next thing that happened was he and another staff member who I think is called Sean came out with the gel, bandages and even ice cream for Tadgh and Isabella, actually they even brought a load of ice as well but we didn’t need it because the gel worked brilliantly.

‘The two guys were genuine heroes, they calmed the whole situation down and I can’t praise them enough for it, the owners of the shop should be really proud of them.’

After a quick call Meath Live managed to track down the two guys who did so well.

Alan Forde was first on the scene and he told us, ‘The granny came into the shop and she was clearly upset, I heard what she was saying and told her not to worry, as it happens we actually have a first aid kit behind the checkouts and most of us are trained in first aid.

‘I went upstairs to get the burn gel and told Sean McWilliams what was going on and he went out to help them as well.

‘We’re just glad the young child is okay that’s the important thing.’

Our exclusive picture shows Tadgh displaying his bandages with Nina and Isabella.