Meath County councillors have voted not to increase the Local Property Tax (LPT) for houseowners in Co. Meath next year.

At a special meeting of Meath County Council which was held this morning they assembled to discuss varying the basic rate of the tax.

The council executive had recommended that councillors increase the rate of the LPT by 15% to bridge a potential 2.7 million euro deficit in the local authority’s budget for next year.

However, councillors raised concerns about increasing the tax at a time of financial uncertainty following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The LPT is projected to provide 14 million euro of the council’s total 155 million euro revenue for 2022.

Head of Finance Fiona Lawless told the meeting that new changes to the LPT – which will see evaluation bands widened later this year – will not have a major impact on the vast majority of homeowners in Co. Meath.