A video which appears to show raw sewage emerging from Navan’s Poolboy Apartments directly into the River Boyne has been posted on social media.

The poster write abve the video

Raw sewage coming from Poolboy Quay apartments. Smell is unbearable. Yes ive contacted the management company. Seems this is going on all along the Boyne

A number of posters commented on the video including one who suggested Navan’s drinking water could be polluted.

Paula Watters

Disgusting, isn’t that the drinking water for half of Navan Town!?

And another said; Robert O’reilly

It’s a disgrace , the lads in the water treatment have no clue how to run the plant , so when the system overloads ( which it does through their incompetence )they purge straight into the river , there’s also a lot of pipes that don’t seem to make it to any sort of treatment , just flow straight into the river from housing and such

The video can be seen at the links below