We’ve seen various types of vending machines around for years now and at the car park of Harrys  Shop and Filling Station at Mornington customers, can stock up on Free-range eggs in the new vending machine that has just arrived.

The new machine has just been installed by a local entrepreneur who saw the opportunity with a massive population in the east Meath seaside locality.

The eggs come on trays of thirty all fresh and regularly stocked in a purpose-built machine that cools the machine to ensure freshness and to the highest of standards

We all know the nutritional value and flexibility eggs bring to the family and household menus. Be it a simple omelet, boiled eggs, baking to shuffles you have a great variety.

With the machine conveniently located at the rear car park, you now have the added advantage of 24-hour availability.

The tray of thirty eggs is €6.50 and you can pay by coin or card. You can’t run out of fresh free eggs with this new service.

Another service available in the locality as someone might say ‘An Egg-citing idea just got cracking!’