Naturally Nelson sauntered down his local to sink a few blacks in celeberation of Meath’s marvellous victory and one thing immediately became clear.

Any conversation on the subject was about the match, not the LADIES match, any conversation on the standard of play was not qualified by saying it was  a LADIES game.

Men who have grown old pining for the Boylan years to return celebrated this for what it was an All Ireland football final, not an All Ireland LADIES football final.

Eamonn Murray’s side have changed the outlook on ladies football in the Royal County forever.

And how brilliantly they did so.

These women have shown they can do it whatever way they have to, the semi final success over Cork was a genjuine smash and grab while yesterday’s victory was earned on the front foot.

From the start, when Vikki Wall wandered into the throw up position and gained possession the message was clear, ‘We’re here to take over not to take part’.

In Nelson’s last column it was suggested that having never played a senior final before could be an advantage as Meath would play without fear and so it proved.

It was an oustanding display of football, heart, passion and desire were there in abundance, and there was absolutely no luck attached, we’ll believe Emma Duggan meant to lob the ‘keeper for that goal, as she is too good to drop an effort for a point that short!

This success is a genuine game changer, it doesn’t mean thousands will be turning up at ladies club games, but try keeping fans away from the title defence.

And this team is young enough to successfully defend their crown.

This is just the beginning.