Alan Tobin the FG councillor who yesterday called on Meath County Council officials to ask their Dublin counterparts to stop sending people from their housing list to live in Meath has previously caused controversy with comments on housing for Dubliners in Meath,

And ironically on his website,, he states, ‘My parents moved out (From Dublin to Ashbourne) in 1976’

Back in 2017 Tobin penned a letter to the Meath Chronicle in relation to a new social housing development in Ashbourne.

In it he stated, ‘I would like to voice my opinion to what I believe may be the exact panic-ridden knee-jerk reaction to the housing crisis that we all feared.

‘There is a perception that Ashbourne people are not Meath natives, but rather that they are all originally from Dublin.

‘While this is not entirely the case we do have a large number of residents from Dublin who have chosen Ashbourne’s convenient location as the place where they want to bring up their family.

‘I ask you these questions, are we repeating the same mistakes again and again? In ten years’ time will this estate be an additional no-go area riddled with drugs, burnt-out cars, high levels of state dependency, and crime.’

The comments provoked a furious reaction at the time and yesterday’s words have sparked a social media backlash.

Posting on the Real Ashbourne Notice Board on Facebook, ‘Julie Laird commented, ‘He should be ashamed of himself discriminating just because you live in a different county

Hana O’Brien posted, ‘Dubs not welcome to live in meath…how many ppl from meath are employed in Dublin?

And Tom Clarke said, ‘I’ve heard people giving out about Dubs moving to Ashbourne so many times… what’s the issue? If they’re causing trouble or being a problem then yes but do people really have an issue with dubs buying a house/apartment in their precious Ashbourne just because they weren’t born there?? In this country is it not a constitutional right to move freely?