Aontú Leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín is organizing a public demonstration in Trim on Saturday the 11th of September at 1pm.The purpose of the demonstration is to highlight the growing water crisis in the South Meath area
He told Meath Live, “There is a massive water crisis in the south of the county. Enfield suffered 17 outages in the month of August. 9 of these were in just 11 days. Water is being delivered in water tankers to Ballivor from Trim every single day due to the lack of supply in the town. Water pressure reductions and discoloration as been experienced in Longwood over and over again. There has been a similar experience in Trim town often during periods of the heaviest rain over the last year”.
“This is a completely intolerable situation that in a 1st world country you cannot simply depend on switching on the taps for clean fresh water. Its causing major problems for families and businesses alike. Restaurants and cafe’s have closed often numerous times on the same day. This means that staff have to be sent home. At a time when restaurants and cafe’s are already struggling due to Covid it is wrong that that are being forced to close again. Families are struggling with basic human activities in their homes due to the ongoing crisis”.
“Aontú Cllr Emer Tóibín has raised this at Meath County Council. I have raised it the Dail and with the Minister and Aontú Trim Rep Jack Lynch has joined me in numerous meetings with Irish Water. The problem surrounds the lack of a clean water reservoirs at numerous sites in Meath. It means that when the quality of the water is not reached for chlorine, iron or manganese reasons and the water is shut off there is no alternative interim source of water to meet demand. In Trim there also a significant reservoir capacity issue that needs to be dealt with”.
“Much of the problems are as a result of years of under funding within the county in our water infrastructure. Indeed significant industrial development in the county has been held back due to the lack of water capacity in the county. Irish Water do plan to fix these problems and we welcome that. However the timelines are far too long for the resolving of this crisis. Also in some case Irish Water need to purchase land to make space for these clean water reservoirs. The people of south Meath have had enough. We are not willing to wait any more. The government needs to get real. It needs to provide the necessary investment to telescope this job into a 12 month period and no more”.
“We are urging community groups, families and businesses to mobilize in large numbers and let this government know that enough is enough. The protest will start in the car park on the Summerhill Rd, Trim opposite the Meath County Council offices All are welcome”.