Gardai have been informed of cameras being placed on hoardings surrounding containers that have been placed outside a number of apartments at the Johnstown House Hotel in Enfield.

It is the latest incident in a long-running saga that has seen Meath County Council become involved by way of issuing an enforcement notice to the hotel advising them they had to remove the containers by September 30th.

Apartment owner Dave Godwin told Meath Live, I took down one camera when I noticed it over the weekend and made a formal complaint to the Gardai about it.

‘However, on Tuesday I noticed another camera had been put in place and it is my intention to remove that as well.

‘My ten-year-old daughter is regularly down here with me and I have no idea with whom any camera shots of her are being shared and that concerns me greatly.

‘I have spoken with the security company who installed the camera, and incidentally, they are on other apartments as well, and while they have confirmed they put them up on the instructions of the hotel; they wouldn’t tell me anything more.

‘I can clarify for you that none of us have given permission for these cameras to be erected.’

Our exclusive picture shows Dave indicating where the camera is positioned.