Cathy McGeough, from Headfort Grove in Kells, has been given a travel exemption to enter Australia to be with her seriously ill son Shane.

As we exclusively revealed last week, three weeks ago Shane called his family from Adelaide to tell them he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and his mother was fighting a battle with Aussie authorities to be allowed to be with him, as the country was in virtually full lockdown due to Covid 19.

However last night after Cathy and her niece, Serena Gavin appeared on RTE’s Claire Byrne Live show, they discovered Cathy’s travel exemption had been approved.

Serena told Meath Live, ‘ When we left Kells at eight o clock the status of the application was ‘under consideration’, when we got back at one in the morning it had been approved.

‘Shane’s partner is Michelle Farrell, also from Kells and her mother Mary was planning to travel with Cathy but her application has been refused, we don’t know why and we are trying to see if we can appeal that.

‘Gary Gray, the Australian ambassador to Ireland, was on the show with us and whether he intervened or not I don’t know. What I do know is that while he responded to RTE at the time, and there were dozens of calls. I rang the embassy to try and talk to him all I got was a voicemail giving me the number of the home affairs office in Australia’.

On the show, Serena revealed that things had gone from bad to worse in relation to Shanes’s illness.

She confirmed, ‘Over last weekend we were told he has stage four brain cancer and has between fifteen months and three years life expectancy, it was just another blow, but look he was a very fit lad before this happened and we are optimistic he has the strength to fight it.’

Speaking about her first-ever TV appearance Serena said, ‘I knew it would be tough so I did all my crying in Kells before I left as Cathy was nervous and I had to be strong for her, and when the cameras were on me I wasn’t as nervous as I feared I would be’