Tanáiste Leo Varadkar appears to have gone back to his musical roots yet again.

Just days after being pictured enjoying a UK rock festival he has helped recreate one of the most iconic images of the swinging sixties.

Ardee based photographer Seamus Farrelly captured Leo, junior minister Damian English, Meath County Councils Chief Executive, Jackie Maguire and council chairman Sean Drew, in what appears to be a brazen imitation of the classic Beatles crossing Abbey Road shot from 1969.

Back then the fab four of John Paul, George and Ringo were snapped on a zebra crossing on London’s Abbey Road for the cover of what turned out to be their last ever album.

The current photo was taken in Navan during the recent FG gathering in nearby Trim.

Unusually for a media savvy Leo he missed a trick as there actually is an Abbey Road in Navan and it does have a zebra crossing on it.

And Leo won’t be too pleased to have been snapped following a Fianna Fáil mans lead.