Orla and Kate Byrne. Pics; Ian Scully (087)7536045

Shauna Ennis, Na Fianna with some of the local fans at Enfield.

They’ve given the county a great boost and everyone coming out to say a Big Thank You and Congratulations across the parishes and towns of the county.

In Enfield, what was once a small hamlet that skirts, now a bustling and growing community skirting our neighboring counties, it was no different. They came in their hundreds

Who could foretell the joy that would be brought when they trailed Cork in the semis when it looked all over for the resilient Meath spirit to find a way back.

Then to outshine the five-time-seeking Dublin outfit.

An incredible journey that is being applauded not just around Meath but all over the country.

Soak it up and relish the taste of success, there is nothing like it!

L-R Ciara Smyth, Emma Troy, Aoibhe Monaghan, and Meadhbh Byrne

The large turnout at Enfield coming out to cheer on the victorious Meath Girls.

The Meath Team take to the stage to address the fans.