Independent councillor Nick Killian is leading the charge along with his Independent Technical Group to do his best to ensure people looking to build homes in rural Meath can continue to be afforded a realistic opportunity to do so.

In a video on his Facebook page, Killian reveals how planning applications are being lodged hand over fist in a bid to beat the pending changes which could see only individuals with a minimum of 15 acres being allowed to apply for planning in rural areas.

So despite living and grown up in rural parts of the county it may force people to move to the towns and villages for accommodation. It may in time lead to falling population in the country and further rural decline.

He is calling on cross party agreement to work together this week to ensure everything is done to safeguard people’s future.

Over the coming week including today Monday 20th September the County Development Plan  covering from 2021 to 2027 is up for discussion.

Cllr Killian has intimated that there may be legal challenges to the proposed changes. He points out it is in everyone’s interest to debate the issue in hand.

A quick review of planning applications to Meath County Council planning department over the last six weeks shows that  282 applications  were lodged at their offices. That would be a staggering 2,444 applications to deal with on an annual basis.