The mother and sister of Athboy hit and run victim, Paraic, Coffey appeared on the RTE show, CrimeCall, last night to issue an appeal for fresh information into his death 25 years ago.

Judy and Catriona Coffey from Rathcairn recalled the incident when speaking to the show’s host, Sharon ní Bheolain.

Catriona revealed that her younger brother was puzzled when she decided to go and spend time living in New York, as he had his heart set on farming.

And Judy recalled the harrowing moment when she first discovered Paraic had been in an accident.

She said, ‘A man from the pub came to the back door and my husband Patrick went down to him before coming back to tell me Paraic had been in an accident at the 18 acres a place just back the road from us.

‘He told me he just knew Paraic was dead, and I remember saying to him I can’t imagine life without him, twenty-five years on the hurt is still there, it’s not as raw but it is still there.’


Paraic was on his way home from socialising in Athboy when he was struck by a car which didn’t stop, and Catriona conceded it is not knowing what happened that is still eating away at the family.

‘Had whoever done it come forward the next day we would have grieved and grieved properly but we don’t know what happened that night, yes we know he was hit by a car but that’s it’.

Judy pleaded. ‘I would appeal to the person who killed him to come forward, to have the courage at this stage even to come forward, we’re getting older, we just need to know.’

Catriona concluded, ‘Please just do this one thing for us.’