Cormac Corr the recently appointed youth officer of Kells Credit Union has told Meath Live that business is on the verge of change and that he is tasked with the job of getting more young people to engage with the business.

Corr is a 20-year-old, highly motivated, Maynooth University student who is eager to solve this issue.

He said ‘ We need more young people to open accounts and to volunteer with the credit union. We also want to tackle young people who are searching to take loans out”. Recently Moynalty Credit Union merged with Cavan credit union, so Corr and the rest are looking for former members in those rural areas, that Moynalty used to serve, to join Kells Credit Union, especially those in Mullagh.

‘We have a number of strategies we intend to use, firstly we need to engage with youths, we are upping our usage of social media and have launched an app so people can use their credit union remotely, as the old receipts that credit unions usually hand out, fade easily, we are encouraging youths to get involved and as I said before there is a great amount of change coming.

‘We have to alter mind sets, most  people get a credit union account set up by their parents when they are younger and when they get older, they join banks like AIB or BOI and forget about their credit union account and stop using it”.

Lastly Corr disclosed, ‘There is a trope around that we are seeing young people getting involved in everything such as youth politics, but that is a great thing. The best thing that they can do for their community is to get involved with the Credit Union, the credit union represents the community. The board needs to resemble the membership itself, meaning we need to elect more youths. The board also needs to see more diversity and not just in age, but in gender and race too.’