Sinn Féin councillor Michael Gallagher has reacted angrily to an incident at yesterday’s October meeting of Meath County Council. in which he was advised by chairman Sean Drew that his suggestion that the council write to both the Minister for health and the HSE over proposed cuts to A&E services at Our Lady’s hospital should have been submitted in writing a week or so previously.

Gallagher told, ‘I’m not a mind reader, the news about the suggested cutbacks hadn’t even broken a week and a half ago so how was I supposed to submit a suggestion on something nobody knew about.’

Gallagher’s proposal led to Fine Gael councillor Joe Fox denying there are to be any cutbacks to services.

Fox said, ‘ I am sick of listening to this guff, nothing is changing at Navan hospital, this is being used as a political football, there is no threat to Navan hospital end of story.’

Gallagher however believes differently as he told us, ‘This is too important for the whole county, it is not something that should lead to political point scoring by councillors from one of the government party’s, the whole council should be behind moves to oppose these cuts, people on the coal face at the hospital are confirming the situation, so we have to be united in a bid to stop it.’