A heartless driver left a Dunboyne woman devastated after they ran over a fluffy kitten outside a housing estate and drove off.

In a heart rending Facebook post Louise Knox revealed how she scooped up the seriously injured cat only for it to die in her arms as she desperately tried contacting a vet in a last gasp bid to save the fluffy feline.

She posted;

To the person who knocked the tabby and white cat down on the road outside dunboyne castle estate at 9 o’clock this evening and left him injured but not dead shame on you, how anyone could do that is beyond me,I tried my best to find a vet to save him but he passed away in my arms shortly after 😡😡
Her post on the Dunboyne notice board clearly tugged at peoples heart strings with one poster revealing that their cat had been knocked down the previous week but that the driver had the decency to knock on her door and help her find it.
Another suggested that as it was dark at the time the driver may have not known what he it, but Louise responded by saying, ‘it was well lit up and it was a big cat.’
It does seem a pretty mean spirited act to just drive on though.