There are certain essentials needed on a bride and groom’s big day.

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And now introducing Ireland’s one and only Wedding painter who works live in the chapel to produce a portrait of the special occasion.

Diana Merfeldiene, from Mornington, came up with the novel idea when she decided to become a full-time artist during the lockdown.

She revealed, ‘Basically I turn up wherever the couple wants me to be and paint a portrait of the event, some want me in the chapel others want me to paint them at the reception while quite a lot want me to do a painting of their first dance,

‘It is something different for both them and me, most artists usually work either alone or with a model posing for them, but in this situation, I paint live in front of an audience.

‘I try and find a quiet spot but the guests generally spot

me and before they leave they come and start looking over my shoulder at the painting, that can be intimidating but I am used to it now.

‘What is nerve-wracking  is you have to speed paint, a lot of artists cannot actually paint quickly but I am lucky that I can, normally I would have one done in six hours, but I will then have to add in fine detail, usually the couple will have the finished work in a few days.”

Sometimes the happy couple are blissfully unaware of Diana’s presence until they spot her in the church.

She said, ‘ A lot of times I have been a present, a gift from the parents or one of the guests, the bride and groom don’t know I am going to be there and they are quite surprised when they see me, I’ve had to explain to a few of them what exactly was going on.

‘The chapel is the perfect setting as everybody is sitting down, when they are moving around at the reception or when they are all dancing it is more awkward.

‘The nice thing about it is that the painting ends up becoming a family heirloom and passed down the generations.’