A self confessed animal lover has told of her desperate efforts to save a fluffy kitten that was mown down outside a housing estate in Dunboyne.

Yesterday we revealed the heart breaking Facebook post from Louise Knox in which she revealed how she had tried desperately to revive the kitten after she noticed it lying on the road outside the Dunboyne Castle estate.

Now Louise has come forward to reveal exactly what happened.

She told Meath Live, ‘ On Tuesday night about nine o clock I collected my daughter Abigail, a  leaving cert student, from where she was and as we were driving home I spotted the cat lying on the road, and it was clear it was hurt.

‘ I used to be a veterinary nurse and I’m passionate about animals, all animals, but have a fondness for cats, so I pulled the jeep over and got out and picked it up.

‘I thought at first it was dead but then he looked up at me with his big eyes and meowed, I just knew he was asking me to save him.

‘I had the number of two vets and called them but both their phones were diverted to vets in UCD which I knew was too far away as the poor cat would never have got that far.

‘I then remembered there was a vet on the Rooske Road so I drove straight there, I left the cat with Abigail and went up and rang the bell, his daughter came out and told me her dad was holiday but she would ring around the vets she knew to see if anyone could help.

‘The next thing I heard Abigail screaming ‘He’s gone, he’s gone’, so I ran back to discover the cat had passed away in her arms.’

When the pair regained their composure they then had the horrible task of trying to find the pets owner.

Louise recalled, ‘I rang on a few doorbells in the estates around there and eventually one man suggested it belonged to a family that lived behind his house, and when I called there the family were in bits because they had been hoping their pet would wander back home.

‘People have suggested it was dark and that the driver may not have seen the cat, however I don’t agree, it was a very well lit up area, and the cat was big, I’d guess six or seven kilos in weight, so even if they didn’t see it they would have felt the bump, but they never stopped and that is something I’ll never understand.’

Sources have told Meath Live that in a situation like this there is an obligation on a driver to stop.

They said, ‘If you are involved in an accident which this was there is a legal obligation to remain at the scene, however, to prove the driver knew he had struck something would be problematic.’