As we move to the end of the month make sure you put Saturday 30th  October ’21 in your dairy. There will be a monster rally to protest the planned changes for the hospital in Navan. It is not the first time the people of the county have stood up and protested their anger at changes that are being discussed to downgrade A& E facilities in Navan.

We will be talking to the political parties,  community activists over the coming weeks and let you know what they have to say.

If you have a personal story where Navan A & E has helped in an emergency or saved someone close to you let us know. We will publish

your story. Every story counts and everyone can make a difference.

Make sure you and your family, friends, workmates, clubs, and organisations  stand together as one to let the ‘ people in power ‘

know where the ‘ Power of the People ‘ really is.

Spread the message and let everyone know.

There will be a lot more to follow as we move through the week and up to the day of the monster rally in Navan at 1.00 pm on Saturday , 30th October’21