Meath East, Sinn Féin TD, Darren O’ Rourke, has told Meath Live that yesterday’s budget has shown the government is out of touch with what needs to be done.

He said, “Budget 2022 was the 6th budget delivered by the Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael partnership and, unfortunately, it won’t deliver the change that people want, need, and deserve.

“While there was a welcome fiver here and there, the budget was devoid of big ideas and came up dreadfully short overall.

“Our major systemic challenges in health, housing, and cost of living, for example, will remain.

“Freezing childcare costs isn’t enough. The state needs to take a central role in the sector, rates need to be significantly reduced and workers need to get the pay and recognition they deserve. Budget 2022 was a step forward, but a very limp one.

“Further, the Government didn’t do nearly far enough to protect people from runaway heating and electricity costs. Most people don’t qualify for the fuel allowance, and for those who do, the carbon tax hike will eat up the small increase.


“While measures to reduce public transport fees are welcome, they are partial and won’t be introduced for some time. Users of the 109A to DCU, for example, will wonder how better off they will be. Their friends who are looking to rent or buy will have found even less solace in the budget. Vulture funds won’t be challenged, rents will continue to spiral and students will continue to face huge costs.

“Budget 2022 failed to deliver the type of change that is needed. It showed up a government that is out of touch, out of ideas and fast running out of time.”