Ratoath based Senator, Regina Doherty, has blasted the HSE guidelines around maternity issues are ‘inhumane’ after she revealed the horrific story of a Dublin woman, Breege O’Connor, who was forced to undergo her entire period in labour, before giving birth to a baby boy, in a hospital car park because her partner was not allowed be with her if she actually went into a labour ward.

Doherty posted a video on Twitter of her addressing the Seanad on the incident and did not hold back over what had happened at the Coombe hospital in Dublin.


She blasted, ‘In some way, health care leaders thought that our protest over this last week was the last they’d hear of it but I intend to highlight it again today, what this woman was offered was to come in on her own and leave her husband in the car or to walk up and down the Coombe car park to suffer her labour on her own with no pain relief, with no support, until just before she was ready to give birth and was then at that stage brought in.

‘I don’t know how anyone in this country can think that is acceptable, but what is really bizarre is that the treatment she received and that her husband received is absolutely okay under the HSE guidelines.

‘I just want to put a marker here and say it is not okay for any woman to suffer her labour in the car park of any hospital in this country. It’s an unfit service, it is reprehensible and I’d go so far as to say it is inhumane.’


The video can be seen here; https://twitter.com/ReginaDo/status/1448643597956521986