One of the county’s best-known sporting personalities, Gerry Gorman, long time secretary of the NEFL, has told Meath Live that first-hand experience of the services at the A&E in Our Lady’s hospital, has convinced him to back the protest march to oppose its downgrading, planned for the county town on October 30th.

He told Meath Live, ‘Four years ago I had a serious health issue, actually a very serious heart problem, and I was referred to the A&E, I don’t want to go into the grisly details but I will say if I had to travel to Blanchardstown, Drogheda or Cavan, the outcome could have been different.

‘When I was brought to Our Lady’s they were very prompt with the exact diagnosis and immediately began preparing me for surgery which took place in the Mater.


‘If you remember there had been protests previously over the suggestion that the hospital would be downgraded and I will admit I had concerns about going there, not concerns about the staff but fears that they may not have had the equipment required to help, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the level of service was second to none, and that convinced me that is is crucial to the county, not just the town, that this level is maintained and not eroded.

‘I’m sure that I am just one of many with similar stories to tell and certainly I’d urge people to back the Save Navan Hospital protest.

‘Now I have to make this clear this is not a NEFL statement but personally, I would say that on a much simpler level in relation to the sport I am involved with if a player receives an injury that requires hospital treatment. That player needs to be seen as soon as possible and the majority of our games would take place at venues that have Our Lady’s as the closest A&E department for emergency treatment.

‘On a practical level, in fact, on so many levels the A&E is essential for Navan, people need to have their voices heard on this.’