The under fifteens of Blackhall Gaels and Ballinlough, along with spectators and team officials were left scratching their heads at a refereeing decision in their game yesterday.

And it wasn’t just the award of a free one way or the other that left them baffled.

At one point in the first half, the man in the middle issued a black card to a Ballinlough player, and then at half time, he informed the team manager that he was upgrading it to a straight red card.

Meath Live has checked with top refereeing sources and apparently, the whistler was out of tune.

They told us, ‘ Once the ref has dealt with the incident he can’t revisit it, he can however include in his report that he should have issued a red card in the first place. It would appear likely he got further information from one of his officials at the break to tell him what really happened but the player cannot be punished twice for the same offence.’

Weirdly it meant that a player who had committed a red card offence was able to finish the game.