A Longwood woman has told Meath Live she ‘ might as well start a taxi service’ after having to bring three different sets of people from Longwood to Enfield to catch a bus to Dublin after the scheduled Bus Eireann vehicle failed to arrive in the south county village.

And it appears that the exit road from Longwood is a bridge too far for the national bus company as they regularly send buses that cannot fir under a bridge on that route.

Ann-Marie Fenell revealed, ‘ This week I spotted two teenage boys waiting for the bus in the village long after it was due to get there, I asked them if they wanted a lift to Enfield to catch one and they said yes.

‘One of them was going to Blanchardstown IT and the other to a college in Dublin city centre but yet again the bus, I think it is the 115 service, had failed to come into the village.

‘A few weeks back I gave the same lift to two young girls on their way to work and just before that an OAP couple were left stranded as the bus never showed up again, so I took them to Enfield that day.


‘When you ring Bus Eireann they have a number of standard excuses, the one they use the most often though is that there was a new driver on who didn’t know he was to go into the village.

‘Well why can’t they use the same driver each day and why is any driver allowed out if he doesn’t know where he is supposed to be going.

‘The real issue is that as the single-decker buses on the route, which begins in Mullingar, get full up early on the drivers don’t bother going through the village as getting under the bridge is an issue, so they then had the brainwave of sending out double-deckers which can’t get under the bridge at all.

‘If they send out a single-decker which gets full it still should go via the village to at least let people know it is full rather than leaving them standing around wondering is the bus running late,’

Bus Eireann have been contacted for comment.