A soccer goalkeeper used his diving ability to avoid being stabbed after he challenged two thieves who were trying to rob his neighbour’s house in Dunboyne on Thursday night.

Jason Ruane, (28), who plays between the sticks for Dunboyne in the Leinster Senior League, was out playing football with his children and their friends in the Kelly’s Court estate, when he heard the gate of his neighbour’s bungalow on Station Road been sent crashing to the ground.

He told Meath Live, ‘ Just after the gate came down there was another bang so I knew something was going on and decided I better have a look to check everything was all right.

‘I leapt up on the fence that divides the houses and could see the house was in darkness so there was clearly nobody home, then I spotted two blokes creeping along the wall to try and get around the back of the place.

‘As they outnumbered me I thought it best to stay where I was so I started roaring down at them, I called them a few choice names and told them they were trapped.


‘The younger of the two men came at me with a pole but didn’t really do anything with it but then the older one came running over, well not running really as he was too fat to run, but I could see he had a big enough knife in his hand, he started screaming, ‘I’ll stab you, I’ll f****n stab you’, he slashed at me twice, the first one came close enough to get me, and as he had the second go my goalie training kicked in and I dived back into my garden.

‘By this stage, all the kids who had been out playing had seen the knife and had gone running, crying, into their parents, so a crowd was starting to gather, the two boys must have had getaway cars waiting as they ran across the road and three vehicles left the estate immediately.


‘In fairness, the guards were out quick enough they even got the helicopter out but I don’t think anyone has been got.

‘As a goalkeeper sometimes you have to react to a situation without having time to think and that is what happened to me last night, I don’t feel like a hero, I just did what was right at the time, and I suppose I did get a bit lucky.

‘But as every goalie knows you make your own luck.’