Fine Gael councillor, Alan Tobin, met a fiery response on Facebook when he attempted to justify the actions of council workers who moved in last week to remove items children in Kentstown had assembled for a Halloween bonfire.

Local kids had assembled roughly 70 pallets, four settees, a large number of tyres, wooden gates, and planks, to get things blazing this coming weekend and were left distraught when council workers moved in towards the end of last week and took them all away.

Ashbourne based Tobin posted on the Kentstown notice board, ‘ I really can’t justify the burning of people’s rubbish in this day and age. The air pollution alone from uncontrolled burning of waste has a huge negative effect on the environment and our body’s respiratory system.

‘It is also carcinogenic Just because it was done years ago doesn’t make it acceptable today in the midst of a very real climate crisis.. There is plenty for kids to do and the community now have the park facilities to be involved in. The area where this indiscriminate burning takes place can take many year to recover as poisons from plastics and unknown chemicals go into and are absorbed by the soil.

‘This takes taxpayers money to repair. Also because they are unsupervised and no one knows what’s in the fire means that fireworks or some kind of explosive device could go off and cause life changing injuries. PLEASE REPORT ALL INCIDENCES WHERE YOU THINK BONFIRES ARE BEING SET UO TO Meath Co Co and please get rid of your rubbish, the waste you generate responsibly’.

Some posters were not impressed by his suggestion.

Thomas Lynch replied, ‘ Alan Tobin you sound like green party leader Eamon Ryan. Lol. Do you drive a car? How do you heat your home? Do you drink tea or coffee and have milk in it? Have you electricity in your house or just use candles?

Mya Fitzgerald responded with ‘Alan Tobin Its really not that deep I’m sure you had a bonfire at Halloween when you were a child’
And Louise Rodgers, reacted with, ‘Ffs it’s once a year’.

In a statement Meath Council said, ‘Meath County Council collected illegally dumped waste from a field in Kentstown.’The waste included couches, mattresses, chairs, pallets and other bulky household waste material.

‘We strongly advise householders to be vigilant with their household waste to ensure it is not used as bonfire material, which can cause damage to the environmental and human health’.