The Meath West branch of Ógra Fianna Fáil got together to submit three motions to the Ógra Fianna Fáil National Council in the University of Limerick last weekend. Motion one was titled “This Council supports a full redress for families and individuals affected by the MICA crisis”. Motion two: “Ógra Fianna Fáil adopts a policy of specially included references to disability amenities and access at any officially organised event”. Motion three: “Ógra Fianna Fáil calls upon the Senior party to adopt a policy of specifically including references to disability access and amenities at any officially organised party event”.


Meath Live got in contact with Ógra FF Meath West member Niall Gaffney about the National Coun


He told us, “Meath West Ógra for which I am the policy officer, submitted three motions to the Ógra Fianna Fáil National Council this weekend in Limerick.


“The first of these three motions called on the government to provide 100% redress to those affected by the MICA crisis. I proposed the motion and spoke about how important it was that we as a progressive youth wing must support those who have been affected by MICA. The motion was passed unanimously and each and every person appreciated the seriousness of the issue. The motion was written by Cormac Co and Conor Finn”.

“The second motion and third motion were heavily linked. Both motions involved calling on both the Ógra organisation and the senior party to specifically include references to disability access and amenities at future events”.


“I co-wrote these motions with Fintan Bray, who is the most passionate campaigner and activist for disability rights and awareness that I have ever met and deserves all the credit for this motion! The basis for these motions was clear from our point of view. With the county re-opening and events returning in person, it is important that we recognize that party members with disabilities are fully informed about the amenities on site. It also calls on both organisations to include such information in any bidding processes for hosting events, and that the information will be considered in the criteria for selection”.


“I spoke to the event on just how important this information can be to someone who is planning a full day away at an event, or even a weekend stay. It’s about equality and inclusion in Ógra & Fianna Fáil”