The chairperson of the ‘Save Navan Hospital’ campaign, Aontú leader Peadar

Tóibín has suggested that junior minister, Damien English used a strange choice of words when outlining his reasons for not supporting this Saturday’s march in protest against proposed cuts to services at Our Lady’s hospital in the town.

Tóibín told Meath Live, ‘ Damien suggested that one of the reasons he won’t be joining the march is because he feels it is premature, I find that a strange choice of words.

‘Saying that something is premature strongly indicates that is expected to happen at some point in the future but not just now, and that ties in with what the train of thought is within our group

‘We believe that last weeks statement from the health minister, Stephen Donnelly, that there would be a pause in the situation at Our Lady’s amounts to nothing more than a stay of execution and hinting that the march is premature tells us that Damien is thinking the protest may serve a useful purpose later on.

‘I would suggest that anyone keeping an eye on this should wait until the Covid figures drop, say around next March or so and see what happens to the hospital then.’

Tóibín also took issue with the Fine Gael man’s suggestion that all local TD’s should meat Donnelly to discuss the situation.

He said, ‘Our group announced this protest about a month ago so why couldn’t the meeting have taken place already, it could have happened at any point up to now.’