Teen thugs subjected staff in a Chinese restaurant in Bettystown to a violent attack, in which a number of bottles, bricks, and stones were thrown at the premises last night.

Staff from the Six Happiness takeaway challenged the youths in what a source told Meath Live was a violent encounter.

They revealed, ‘About eight young lads, all aged around fourteen to sixteen, had some kind of confrontation inside the premises and when they left began hurling bottles and stones at the windows.


‘The chef came out from the place and confronted them but was forced back inside, then a delivery driver chased after them and had words with them but he had to move away as they began throwing bottles at him as well.

‘I believe the Chinese contacted the guards but the station was closed.

‘It was terrifying to see what was going on especially as there were Mums out with young kids who were trick or treating caught up in it all.